Isabelle from Animal Crossing!🐶 🍃 💛 She blink!!

From '20.

Would be nice if Mastodon figured out a better way to present gifs. The squishy blink's a lil choppy. 😓

@benis My file IS a gif, but when its uploaded on here and saved its becomes a video file.

I saw your comment on the server you're on, and I see it even shows it on a vid player there. So I see why you think its not.

I guess gifs on the Fediverse will only show as vids for w/e reason.

@risenshiney what I mean is that gifs uploaded to a Mastodon backend will be converted to videos and then stored as such, while gifs uploaded to a Pleroma backend will be served as-is. I still see your "gif" as a video file on

@benis Yup yup, I did get the impression that I'd have to post my gif on a Pleroma to show it properly since Cawfee's showing Masto's version. And that Masto's literally converting gifs. Sucks, but thanks for the info!

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