There's a lot of focus on new animation technology, but I hear little of new animation genres :thinking:

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@sven Yup. I suppose it's. more of an issue with western animation though. It can't get out of the comedy rut

@charleskenny well I'm not big on theory but without a doubt Comedy is the prevailing animation genre out there by far. Is it because its similar to slapstick and visual?

I'm guessing that the reason Fantasy is big is also due to how it lends to the medium. Doing things visually.

Period drama's may be hard work.

@sven Comedy is popular because it is universally popular and easily understood. Genres like dramas are much more culturally sensitive which is why European films in general aren't as popular outside of Europe as you think they'd be.

Comedy also dominates because movie economics favour films that have the biggest audience.

@charleskenny so today was a learning day for me. Thanks!

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