I'm curious, since Mastodon is an Open Source community, are there a lot of Linux users on here?

What operating system are you running? (Reply if it's another OS)

#OperatingSystem #FOSS #Computer #Windows #Mac #Linux

[ ] Windows
[ ] Mac
[ ] Ubuntu
[ ] Linux (Other - Reply)


@ScribbleAddict Linux! Currently using PCLinuxOS on the main desktop but also Fedora on the laptop and Linux Mint on the HTPC

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@charleskenny Nice! What's your favorite distro to use? How's PCLinux? Have you been using it a while? I've never tried it.

@ScribbleAddict PCLOS is my favourite for day-to-day use. Been using it for over ten years now!

All distros are worth trying to see how good of a fit they are for you.

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