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Before you proceed, please consider the ground rules set by the moderators of socel.net.

  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Pornography or Rule 34 content of any kind is not permitted. NSFW content (i.e. artistic nudity) must be hidden behind a content warning, the NSFW filter, or marked as unlisted/private.
  3. Incessant posting, soapboxing, campaigning, or harassment for any cause/belief/opinion violates rule no. 1 and is not tolerated. Accounts that engage in such behaviour publicly or direct it towards other users will be terminated.
  4. Please do not spam or advertise for third parties/sponsors. This includes and is not limited to: selling items that are not your own creation, selling toots or offering toots for sale, and acting as a dealer engaged in trade.
  5. Please report violations of these rules to the admin.
  6. This instance is hosted by Masto.host and abides by its terms of service. The server is located in the EU in France and obeys all applicable laws.
  7. Using Socel to circumvent restrictions or suspensions on other fediverse servers will result in your account being immediately terminated without warning.
  8. NFT and other blockchain-based works in any form are prohibited; even if they are your own creation. Please do not post, share, promote, offer for sale, or otherwise engage in trade, any work based on these technologies.