was fantastic fun. And a great story. It captured sea-faring fun, characters with past & purpose & complexity. It does something cool with color of all sorts of saturation. And really shines in the tiny details.

And watching it, I constantly felt something. I saw the new Thor, & it was fine. But enjoyed seeing the grand details on a grand canvas. Meanwhile, all I could think here was "I should be watching ~this~ movie on the silver screen." This movie deserves that silver canvas.

@Scofisticated I saw yesterday, and I completely agree. The cinematography, especially for the naval battles, was striking.

Finished my first day at my new job! Didn’t even open MoBu, but I wasn’t really expecting to. Today was mostly getting accounts setup and learning office tools. I did get to chat a bunch with the other animators, though. They’re a fun crew.

'How Gravity Falls changed animated TV for the better'

-10 years after the groundbreaking show's debut, GF alums and disciples are still pushing boundaries and telling fresh stories


@Scofisticated Yeah, that was my big pandemic splurge. I’d been making do with a plastic folding table, and finally decided I’d be a lot happier and more comfortable with a real desk. I love this thing.

The motorized ones are super expensive, so I got a hand crank version. I also made the desktop myself, both to get exactly what I wanted and to save some money. As a bonus, now every time I look at it I get to think, “I made this.”

@charleskenny Yeah, just a temporary inconvenience. New cables should get here Saturday.

Just set up my computer for my new job! Turns out that some of the cords are way too short, so now my nice sit/stand desk is just a sitting desk.

Woohoo! I’m joining Highwire Games as their Lead Animator!

@matttwood The environment artists I work with all implement stuff in engine, but I’m not sure if that’s common practice in other studios. Might depend on the size of the studio.

@charleskenny You know, I wasn't sure what new thing NFTs brought to the table until now. That kind of IP theft would never have worked under boring old copyright law.

@ghostboy Gotta give you a hand. I would criticize this, but it’s got me completely disarmed.

@_astronoMay I’ve wondered why scientists seemed to focus more on finding Earth-like life. Thanks for explaining this!

Took a walk today on a little path behind my son’s school. Found an area with higher than normal levels of whimsy.

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