#introduction I am an artist that draws mazes unlike anything you have seen before. I'm a retired programmer. Seven years ago, I suddenly and accidentally discovered that I can draw.

I combine my drawing skills with my computer skills in the language Python.

Last December, I took a maze that drew in 2016 and animated it.

Warning: this video contains close up views of a hand drawn overly large spider. Watch the video at your own risk.


#animation #macro #maze


@twobraids @xavierck I thought at first it was just a picture of a spider on top of a maze. I’m so glad I was wrong. This is amazing.

@zackaroni @xavierck perhaps the most difficult problem I face in any commercialization of my artwork is the fact that it requires explanation. So many instantly draw the faulty conclusion that it is computer generated. While my tool chain is indeed digital, the true genesis of my work is the steady hand of a draftsman.

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