Probably time for an here. I’m an animator, currently working in video games. I love the creative aspects of animation, but I also really enjoy building tools to make the creative part easier. I’ve got two sons, two dogs, two birds, and never enough spare time for all the other things I want to do.

@charleskenny Thanks! I’m working on a space switching script and something that’ll hopefully make it easier to pose fingers, both in Maya. I’ve done a little scripting in Blender and Mobu, but nothing big. Pretty soon I’ll have my tech art reel together and I’ll post that here.

@zackaroni Welcome to the instance! How are you liking Mastodon and Socel?

@Scofisticated Hi there! I'm liking Socel so far. Very welcoming and friendly.

I'm still new to Mastodon. I suspect the mobile app I'm using is making it a bit more confusing than it needs to be. I can understand the web interface better. Any app or setting you'd recommend?

@zackaroni I dont know the apps very well. What is so confusing about them?

@Scofisticated I'm using "Mastodon for iPhone and iPad". As far as I can tell, it's replaced "Explore" with "Search", and added a new "Community" tab under that, which just looks like the local timeline. The "Posts" and "News" tabs don't show anything in the app, but I don't understand what's supposed to be there anyway. I can't find the federated timeline anywhere.

@Scofisticated It's also difficult to reply to conversations, because the reply screen covers the entire screen and I can't refer to earlier posts. If I back out to look at the conversation, I lose everything I typed.

I think I'll probably just skip the app and stick with the web interface for now.

@zackaroni Sometimes app devs change things around depending on their opinion on how the layout would work better. They are making a Masto app, but how they label it is up to them. I'm guessing the Masto devs are hands off on that to some degree. Not really regulatory as long as the ~function~ is avail, whatever it's labeled as. Sometimes as an alternative to the site layout.

I would suggest looking up a tutorial or FAQ for the app. I would recommend site if you can.

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