ugh mastodon that awful crop job whyyyyyy

monster, body horror (cartoony) 

a couple of talk head sprites that was going to be part of a larger halloween project

gooooood morning mastodon, not sure if there's already an established art trade tag on here, but i love to take a shot at sketching some ocs and/or seeing someone else's artistic renditions of the oc pictured below.

1st ref © me
2nd ref © itstheblob@tumblr
3rd ref © clefdesoll@furaffinity
4th ref © peachiestleaf@twitter

basically i'll be stalking the tag until i'm informed of another one

hello, my name is umbranema and i enjoy cartoons and visual/interactive storytelling. sometimes i am inspired by such media, but my wip folder is like 4545384x the size of my finished pieces folder so you can imagine how well that goes most of the time. have some old character studies!

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