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Daniel did it again. Such a simple demo but so good that it makes you doubt this is #MadeWithBlender. Amazing.

Props to the Grease Pencil team for leading the next generation of
2D+3D animation pipeline! #b3d
Awesome Grease Pencil Textured Brushes demo by @_pepeland_ Brushes available f…

So I've read a million times about 'breakdowns' in animation but just struggled to 'get' why they are special or different to 'inbetweens'

Then I watched a video on animators island and he did the usual.
- Draw some key frames.
- Draw a couple of extremes for anticipation.

Nothing special. Then he said "This still tells us nothing about how it moves from extreme to extreme. For that we need a breakdown. how far does it get, does anything lag" etc etc.

I was like. OMG makes total sense now.

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This is awesome. Just learned that #CreativeCommons has launched a search engine for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses :

#CC #freeculture #publicdomain

Is this not the most beautiful animatic ever produced? I’m not sure it even needs animating.

As I practice drawing and research animation production I’m trying to put together a little list of useful exercises to practice animation principles.

I need to keep them short so I can complete them so only a few seconds ideally.

- bouncing ball of various mass. Soft, hard etc.
- bouncing ball with personality. Such as tail.
- flour sack jumps and turns.
- head turns
- walk cycles, sneaks etc.
- loft something heavy?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for 1s-5s animation exercises?

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Heya everybody! Just a friendly reminder that the due date for #TalesFromTheFediverse is next week! If you, for whatever reason, can't make the deadline, just tell me, and don't worry, there's always next issue (if and once I announce it). If you need *just* a wee bit more time to finish, also tell me, just know that *at the very latest*, I need it in by the end of the month.

If you're not contributing, the comic'll be out on May 5th!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Only had 30mins to 'art' today so if in doubt...mess about

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Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

After watching Space Base 8 from the profile link of @charleskenny our very own I managed to stumble across the making of blog.

So curious as to what is involved in making a short from inception.

Reading glasses time.

That moment when you start to sketch and for some reason can't stop. I'm no draftsperson for sure but gotta get better bunch of made up quick doodles.

A delayed train, 4hrs to kill I’ve skipped youtube videos for the entertaining 1017 pages of the manual in ePub format.

I may not know how to animate but damn it I will know how use the tools just as soon as I can animate :blobcheer:

Bouncing ball number 3 tomorrow

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Just received a copy of Tito and the Bords from Shout! Factory. Can't wait to watch it but am too busy until next week to do so.

The website looks cool though:

And if my day couldn't get any better this is an amazing introduction to the tools and windows in OpenToonz extra bonus points for the guy taking through function editor and curve following alternative animations. 👏

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2d animation software. So I’ve been trying a few different ones out. , and grease pencil.

- Krita super simple bitmap based. Great brushes and simple.
- OpenToonz bitmap and vector but man is it confusing.
- Blender 2d vector and 3d environment. Tweens etc Compositor and stuff. Amazing start but steep curve.

Most of my testing has been with Krita and a mess about in blender.

Opentoonz next and finally found a workflow video

number 2 - Bouncing ball 'hard' . From might oaks, seeds will er germinate?

@sven I can see on full web but mobile web nope.

No matter I’ve downloaded an app. see how that goes.

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Anyone know why gifs in status are not showing on mobile? iPhone

Its quite possible that Animation is hard :blobfearful: Can't believe how many times I had to redraw circles and squished circles.. oh well onwards and upwards.

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