Here’s a fun cartoon from 2020, imagining a cross between Home Movies and Sonic. Is it cringe? You tell me.

Little clip from a short I’m still stitching together. I might redo Robbie’s poses before I jump into rough for him.

Where he goin?

I wanted to see how gifs look on here, but here’s Porky walking. Wish gifs auto played unless it’s sensitive content!

These are some Halloween avatars for me and my friend I made like, 6 years ago? I still dig them though.

Here’s a doodle of my mafia character, Porky. He’s incorrigible.

Oh man, I can’t sleep. How many other animators are insomniacs? I gotta assume it’s a lot.

Everyone hates a tough customer, right? This was a dumb cartoon I made from a discord improv call with my friend Charlie. It’s a dumb, but fun. Lazily rigged and thrown together, but still a chuckle.

Did anyone here beat Psychonauts 2? Easily my favorite game in the last decade, and visually it’s a masterpiece. Here’s a Raz I made when the game launched to celebrate!

Howdy, I’m Shawn. I’m a 28 year old animator from Tucson, AZ! Currently, I work as a media specialist for a few companies here in the cannabis industry, and in my spare time I do freelance work, or work on my own projects! I’m looking forward to seeing what this place can become!

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