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OK. This my fourth and I hope LAST . :')

🌟Hi everyone!🌟 I'm Shiney, and I'm just another idiot trying to get better at art! I draw critters and girls mainly. Mostly fanwork based, but my ocs show up sometimes.

Here are some of my 'better' works through the years.

Thanks for stopping by! Also critique on my work is BEYOND welcome! 💛

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Parupi in her aerobics outfit.⭐ 💛 I still really like this one!

From '18, but fixed it up long ago.

Hey loves! Just letting you all know I've made a second acc on another instance. (Still keeping this one for now!)

Since I have follows here from more controversial instances, I want to have a place they can still fully interact w my stuff if this instance decides to outright block or restrict them some way.

So if you're on a more controversial instance, you may be better off following me there!

(had to fix the link hope it works now)

More old lol from '18! This came out weird, but I like the colours?

Also I should draw with thinner linework more often.

Longer hair, shorter tailed squirrel draw coloured in 2 different ways! 🖤 (There's a few changes between them too since I wasn't sure I liked the first one.)

'Nother 'Rupi from '17 I wasn't gonna post!⭐ 💛 (bad foreshortening lol)

Old 'Rupi from '17 that I initially wasn't gonna bother posting here.⭐

Squirrelsonaaaaa, her hair and tail's more blue here, but that's just to contrast the bg.

Also I forget how to paint :'')

These kind of poses are hard lol. 😂💦 Feel free to tell me if anything could look better.

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Reposting this w/o the spoiler warning. I doubt folks will mind at this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What a cutie!🔥 ❤️

From November.

Her again!🖤 Except I swapped her hair and tail length here. Gonna be an alt look for her!

From November.

Thanks for 100+ follows btw!💛

Parupi drawn in a more 50's toon/UPA style! 🌟 💛 One day I'll nail this look. :''')


'Spose I coulda mentioned the Microsoft woozy face emoji on her top in the image descripts 😂

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Parupi goes WOOSH🌟 💛

(Outfit design's slightly different here, but w/e.)


Penny from Super Secret Secret Squirrel! 🐿️ 🤎

Ugh, I love me some squirrels!!!😭

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