Episode 3 "Origins" preview:
This time Mowld is on a "boring" mission.


Phungus & Mowld Ep. 3 preview. This time the Emperor gets a speaking role…


Completing the script for episode 2. If everything goes smoothly I'll be recording the narration & voice work for episode 2 "Schröder's Cat" today and tomorrow…

Moho my favourite animation software has been acquired and that's the best thing that ever happened to it…


Moho (the software used to create Phungus & Mowld and lots of other animations) – IS BACK!


The pilot is out. Available on Vimeo on Demand (link below) or Amazon Prime Video in the UK, US, Germany & Japan.


Pilot teaser video for the upcoming animated series Phungus & Mowld.


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