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Hey folks, it looks like cinemas are done for. Which means when they do reopen, it'll be crucial to support the smaller independent ones in your town or city.

I'm probably gonna end up working at a library lmao

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I basically just quit Twitter so I guess I'm gonna be here a lot now.

I can't stop thinking about my idea for a stop-motion adaptation of Les Misérables.

If it exists, it can be remade in stop-motion.

I wanna see an animated Superman film with a similar animation style to Into the Spiderverse, but set in the late 1930's when the character was originally created. Maybe it would be in black and white.

Turns out my english teacher is a firm believer in the Pixar theory.

I guess I have to start with something.

I'm here now. That's cool. My partner and I are probably gonna make a comic pretty soon. That's cool. I'm probably gonna get start voice training. That's cool. I like stop-motion. I should probably stop saying "that's cool".

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