ちびまる子ちゃん(Chibi maruko-chan) OP/ED collection

You may be able to see a part of the history of Japanese animation.
Masaaki Yuasa sometime worked in them

It's my favorite opening animation.
ちびまる子ちゃん Chibi Maruko-chan / ハミングがきこえる (Hamingu ga kikoeru)


I'm looking forward to those animation works😍

Ville Neuve 新しい街
The legend of Hei ロシャオヘイ戦記
Wolf Walkers ウルフウォーカー
Marona's Fantastic Tale マロナの幻想的な物語り


Actually, I have already watched The legend of Hei, but this fall Japanese-dubbed version will be presented!
It seems great :D

アニメ業界の低賃金は手塚治虫のせいなのか? 見えてきた意外な真実

It’s about The Problem of Low Wages in the Anime Industry.
I wish I could translate it, but it hard to explain.🙈

If you are interested in this article, might be able to read with Google Translate ......🙈

Here is the selection for the SHORT Films Competition at New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2020.
It's my favorite Animation Festival!

Not long ago, I enjoyed Annecy Festival online. I loved TV problems competitions so much!

In Japan, many people can’t enjoy NOT ANIME style animation works.
because of that, the animation industry is dying.
I have concerned about that.
Also, Some people say too, like Sunao Katabuchi(In This Corner of the World).

I don't know about other countries, but many Japanese people call NOT ANIME style animation ”アートアニメ”(Artistic anime).
It seems odd I think :(

I finally finished watching the midnight gospel;;

CW test ! and I found a typo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's a Undertale fanart

recently , I happen to read a illustrated book for children drawn by him. it’s about japanese old mythology

I heard Koji Yamamura(Japan) and Miyu Productions(Frence) is coworking for new animation work. I'm looking forward to it

Aggretsuko season 3 is now available on Netflix!😄 I’m watching!

Tonko House film festival is being held on youtube. you can watch some short movies on this channel. 「どうにかなる日々(Happy-Go-Lukky Days)」an anime movie

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