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They were right, you know.

Mastodon IS a Black Mirror episode based on Twitter.

I just read the most vivid text description for an image here and wow some people deserves capes because heroes okay wow

My timeline looks like everybody spent the last hour chomping on sugar cubes.

It's just hyper, diabetic and maybe a little unsatisfactory in bed.

Who need a hero? [HERO]

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Going on a Greasepencil bender on Blender. Whoop? :blender:

Me, making small talk at the Socel dinner table: Socel is like Twitter, but...significantly less....horny?

My aide: [whispers in my ear: their penises are out under the desk sir]


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It's time for #hourlies!!
I didn't think it would be so hard to do. Hahaha.

Here's a photo of the first 4. Once the page is full, I'll scan it and post it

#art #challenge #hourlies2019 #comic #me #mylife #OwlAskLife

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It's most Ghibli thing I've ever seen. I'm going to build it in the Sims and live in my own lies

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[that's how people get fetishes, right?]

The time has now come for me to read up the numerous possible kinks the world offers, close my eyes and stab one at random with my finger and say 'KINK, I CHOOSE YOU.'

To quote Johnny Bravo [prob apocryphal], I was disgusted but also curious.

I have to up my game before my wife realizes the many other ways sex can be had. :blob_gnikniht:

After several posts from @federationbot announcing as one of the most active instances, I registered and, let me just say, all the sex I've had up to this point is looking really mediocre in the light, WOW.

I am more than slightly disturbed by how the parting on Carmen's eyebrow keeps switching from the left to right side of her face.

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