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TGIF! I Finally compiled some storyboarding notes and tips into a choose your own price 90 panel PDF! You can find it here:

It was made in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro!

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Pardon while I steal this, but this tweet is too perfect not to share.

Another NPC-like character from my comic. This time it's a human character- as it is still early in the process, thinking of setting the story around the byzantine era, the look of it anyway.

So excited for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle's remake coming out in August (๑˃̵ω˂̵๑)

I've just scratched the surface for this comic I'm working on, but for now, since there is more time allotted, I drew an NPC-like character from it.

The story has a fair share of magic and technology. Hope this little peek into what I do after hours is fun for folks and any feedback is welcome.

As a peace offering for my initial post in this new place, here is something i found along my travels-


I hope it's useful for those who aim to get a job in the art industries- it's global and it's run by a very attentive fellow. If you can donate to this live document, it'll be a great way to pay it forward.

Hello everyone, I go by mister ken online- well the few places I do decide to show up, anyway.

I'm a baker by trade and I dabble a bit in comics. I make personal zines for close friends and comics for a little bit of a wider audience- I'll share works-in-progress and other tinkerings that i fancy on here.

I'm really glad I found this secret, little crevice of the internet and look forward to meeting you all. :)

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