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As a peace offering for my initial post in this new place, here is something i found along my travels-

I hope it's useful for those who aim to get a job in the art industries- it's global and it's run by a very attentive fellow. If you can donate to this live document, it'll be a great way to pay it forward.

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Hello everyone, I go by mister ken online- well the few places I do decide to show up, anyway.

I'm a baker by trade and I dabble a bit in comics. I make personal zines for close friends and comics for a little bit of a wider audience- I'll share works-in-progress and other tinkerings that i fancy on here.

I'm really glad I found this secret, little crevice of the internet and look forward to meeting you all. :)

NY studio 'Ace & Son' have a new YouTube channel where they'll be posting weekly videos about in the public service mold.

And here's the announcement:

Jingūmae 27 - sketch 2

Adding some detail to the left side of the street. Damn, those are a lot of cables!

#drawing #sketch #city #urban #architecture #workinprogress

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I posted this elsewhere, but didn't post it here; I will try to post more frequently and more consistently in the coming weeks.

This isn't necessarily drawing-drawing, but it's my "schedule" for this year; really its acts more of as a guide. Nevertheless, I do try to accomplish everything on there. Wish me luck! lol

putting together a new homepage for my website and I like the accidental effect of Kay looking at the synopsis and review of her comic

"Stay here in the forest! It's great! Loads of running, playing, eating, messing, climbing..."⁣
A little fanart of 'Wolfwalkers' by Cartoon Saloon #art #illustration #MastoArt

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