me @ jez, olan, and shelby seeing my cosplay like

another year, another comic con, another cosplay. im gary this year! and i hope i can meet other cosplayers

i had a good long request stream today and i just drew everything thrown at me and. well this was the result

RT All in all though, I am very stressed and panicked and lonely and incredibly fucked over by America's bizarre immigration system.
What do you all think? Any advice? If you do know anyone with knowledge about this, rt or tag them please!


i really cant wait to be 18....... my brain is full of ideas but my body is too tiny to be legal to actually pitch them

i finally got around to watching the joshua and the promised land follow up video and wanted to hop on drawing this...... "lovely" gal

final space
adventure time
my life as a teenage robot
ok ko
teen titans
RT If you had to recommend someone watch 5 Animated series to really get a feel for you and your tastes what 5 would you pick?


this show really meant a lot to me, its so amazing to see how far it came and that it got a proper ending

two of my ocs, rezin and nichet. theyre (adopted) brothers and this is pretty much their dynamic 100% of the time

i modeled quinn from ! this is technically the first model ive ever completed, and the third ive attempted and im really proud!! i even taught myself how to render!

i knew i wasnt gonna win the final space me contest since my entry wasnt even considered but it still kinda hurts either way 😔🤙


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