Made a less rock sounding song, kinda was thinking jazzy funk while making it. I got inspiration from the ending theme song in Mawaru Penguindrum.


I just started practicing how to add a to my .
I haven't really transferred most my to because I'm nowhere near as good as my gf's clean up skills.

But over the years it has proven difficult for her to help my art out while working on her own projects. So, I want to make the effort in being able to finalize my own panels.

My goal is too at least finish a Volume of my inspired series before I die lol. :kermit:

I really enjoyed Season 1.
Honestly, I could recommend one show this year it'd be probably that if you haven't seen it yet; especially if you enjoy / .

I'd recommend going in blind, you'll enjoy it way more knowing little about it.

(So comes close)

idk if anyone here has seen the show "" specifically episode 7 called "Defiant Jazz" will get this lol.

But yea I enjoyed the show, excited for Season 2 but not so much excited for lol :thinking_happy:

I'm really feelin the ART DRIVE with NOWHERE TO PUT IT!!!

A small comic page about... not being able to make comics?

#comic #webcomic #mastoart #digitalart

been working on and off on my own inspired called . Building from time to time and turning a or two into finalized panel .

Initially moved away from it as my gf did my clean up work and couldn't anymore cause of work. But we want to at least finish a chapter. Hurts to see it fully incomplete. ​:ablobspin:

Been working on new Music, this is my most recent track.

I've been getting super recently lots of inspiration from bands Kane Hodder, Dance Gavin Dance, and Fall of Troy. :ablobdj:

is honestly ridiculously hard. I'm entry level at best in , but ThreeJS is a whole other beast. The fact I made a cube spin in the color of my choice with a resizeable viewport was the accomplish of a century in my career lol. :blobcatmorningcoffee:

I really hope it starts clicking soon in my head :ablobspin:. I wish there was a solid walkthrough adding multiple geometric objects at least. But for those curious on what I'm talking about,

Every time I see people playing the new , I'm just picturing people's crying like R.Kelly when he said "I'm.... fighting forrrr my life!!!"

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