Every time I see people playing the new , I'm just picturing people's crying like R.Kelly when he said "I'm.... fighting forrrr my life!!!"

after watching
RubberNinja (Ross)
and his friends draw amazing animations on , I had been eager to try one. I don't have many friends to play the game with so I made my own fusion dance alone.
Behold! x Jack Skellington. :blobcatpeek:

played that game, it makes pretty fun.
I dabble in drawing but I'm curious if anyone else is learning a lot at the same time during the sessions. :mastodon_oops:

man getting really bogs down your time lol :blobcatnight:

Working on compatibility for a project, learned RGB's Alpha/Opacity has an interesting bug on . However 0.51 solution worked and apparently 0.50 should work, but 0.5 won't at all and so far it goes back since iOS 9 for sure, a simple bug just unaddressed for 5 years lol

Now that it isn't cold my stopped rebooting all the time lol
But I'm still gonna change the later today or tomorrow. It's at 60% remaining capacity lol, so about 980mah left on my . 1st Gen!!! Woo! Long live !!! ​:thinkergunsunglasses:​​:owi:​

nothing like starting the day by visiting your website and getting a "HTTP ERROR 500".
Good ol had to do a manual update but sites back up :tinking:

Got around to setting up and man... I will never complain about setting up a ever again lol

As someone who plays this album was part of the stepping stones to that rock explosion that happened in the early . I think prior to this music I was pretty closed in but it helped me be a bit more exploring. Got me into skateboarding, playing music, rock, which led me down so many paths that I can't imagine ever taking otherwise because of those I met.

I really wish we could bring that back. Well I'm trying :thinking_happy:

Latest song: soundcloud.com/alondrapark/rea

If anyone out there likes you can hear it and download it for free. No vocals cause I can't sing but if you want to collab and sing for my songs hit me up! :blobcatnight: I'm also on Soundcloud too. Enjoy! (hopefully lol)


The intro page to a I'm working on called Astra. Initially planned it as a game but that complexity is too much for me to tackle right now.

Currently on but soon will be on my own platform ChocoBento.
Struggling artists feel free to contact me if you're having issues presenting you online.
My platform is strictly to help those who have content but lack the technical know how to set up an online presence.

@deviant idk honestly lol, I just joined because it said for artists and I sorta do art lol

How come some posts have images that show like like the file is missing on ? Does that mean it got removed or it can't find it? ​:blobthinking:​

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