@emmikatjohnson Honestly the worst thing I had to witness was my assigned class teacher not showing up to appointments we made, which led to me not being able to graduate.

Also the same teacher telling me I wasn't allowed to use black paint for an in-school poster contest, me using it anyway and winning said contest, but then not being credited when they used the art for an event.

A short clip I did as fanart of a friend's tank character. Their vehicles have cool robot eyes which are very fun to animate!

A short I made yesterday. This time it's "only" a gif. Obviously inspired by Parks and Recreation. 😄


I believe I haven't posted this here yet! Another short that features a plane and the most elaborate flashback sequence I've ever recorded.

It's very sad, you have been warned!

A small fan animation I did of a friend's character!
Check out the cool universe Livastia if you can: livastia-universe.tumblr.com/

Animated homage to that one King Tigers GIF that's going around.

I got it to loop almost perfectly! It's a sneak peek at a new animated short that I'll release soon.

A short I've made based on a comic I drew last year.

Featuring characters from the Tanking League series (and voice acting)!

(3/3) The promise of fuel and a place to stay for a while has them agree. But upon arriving, they have to find out that it's the home of a dysfunctional team. Before they know it, the Tanking League find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle driven by bitter resentment.

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(2/3) The newly formed Tanking League travels northward in an attempt to find a way not to starve. They run into trouble in the form of two heavy tanks very quickly - but the conflict is settled and they are invited to the town Falkendorf.

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(1/3) The Tanking League in a nutshell: A traitor, a castoff, an exile, and a deserter - after their lives are turned upside down, the paths of four misfits cross. With no chance to survive on their own in the hostile world around them, they decide to team up.

Hello socel and mastodon! I've made an account to share updates and info about my project "The Tanking League" with the fediverse.

It's an indie animated series about autonomous vehicles (primarily ) in a post-apocalyptic setting.


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