(1/3) The Tanking League in a nutshell: A traitor, a castoff, an exile, and a deserter - after their lives are turned upside down, the paths of four misfits cross. With no chance to survive on their own in the hostile world around them, they decide to team up.

(2/3) The newly formed Tanking League travels northward in an attempt to find a way not to starve. They run into trouble in the form of two heavy tanks very quickly - but the conflict is settled and they are invited to the town Falkendorf.

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(3/3) The promise of fuel and a place to stay for a while has them agree. But upon arriving, they have to find out that it's the home of a dysfunctional team. Before they know it, the Tanking League find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle driven by bitter resentment.

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