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Hi ! I'm opening this blog mostly for posting my art, and discover other artists to follow ! Drawing has been my passion for years !
Here's a drawing I did for the first day of huevember, using (been in a bit of an artblock since december).

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Still from what I did at my friend's, this time a wtercolor study of a glass ball.

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This is awesome. Just learned that #CreativeCommons has launched a search engine for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses :

#CC #freeculture #publicdomain

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I'm trying out ( ) and I'm trying to find fellow artists to follow...
It's pretty cool to use so far !

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"The Rise and Fall of Internet Art Communities"

I think it's a great review.
It provokes many thoughts about the Fediverse too.
Many images tho, you've been warned.

oh yeah forgot to add : those are a skull for a fox, a deer, and two wild boar skulls.

Visited a friend who is a forest ranger (kinda), and she has a few animal skulls she found in the woods. I found them really interesting to draw.

So hum, warning for sketches of animal skulls ?

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Hey, could you help me a little? My scanner is damaged and I need a new one :/
Here's my shop:
And my tip jar:
Or you can just boost this toot!
Thanks a lot, and here's a unicorn because you're fabulous 💙
#mastoArt #creativeToots

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I did this little project where I was asked to include a small presentation of the process. So I included some sketches and thoughts from my design notes. It's not really a #drawingutorial, but I rarely see any design notes floating around online and I know people do do them so I thought I would share.
#mastoart #art #worldbuilding

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We're now running the latest Mastodon version 2.8!

Some cool new features include polls and hashtags in your profile.

Check out the full list here:

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Playing with relationships between characters, and how props and lighting changes those relationships, by studying a comp from Framed Ink

Depicted here is Ferrand, the innkeeper’s husband, and Pierre, both striking a deal

#mastoart #creativetoot #warlockd #warlockdwednesday #art #makingcomics

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I didn't bring enough paper with me. and I want a spray bottle for keeping the paper wet.

I should post more art. Here's another one I had done for huevember.

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This is the best video for the 12 principles of animation I’ve seen.

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I rarely go for the psychological thrillers but can 100% recommend 'Perfect Blue' by Satoshi Kon.

Shout! Factory were nice and sent a review copy of the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray and I'm very glad they did.

If like me, you have not seen it, then check it out because it is a must-have for any animation fan's collection.

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The Troubled Birth of Roger Rabbit

This a great insight into the background of how the film managed to get off the ground.

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