Here's an early version of my live wallpaper to check CPU, GPU and VRAM utilization, things like that. Maybe you'd like to take a look if you're into audio responsive stuff. ^^

Wow, I'm really flattered that my picture "The Old Demons Delight" got featured in this weeks Best of Blender Artists.

Really cool to see my work together with all the output from the other talented artists. 😎

I really like to create nature scenes in Blender. Very calming somehow.

Here's an older image I did some time ago.

This is a video of my latest visualizer. Follow these brave aeronauts through "Lands Unknown". 😋

This is just a preview to show people how it looks. In real time on the desktop the time of day matches your system of course, and it reacts to any audio you're playing.

Hey everyone,

the name's Chris and I setup nice scenes in Blender that eventually become real time audio visualizers for my Windows desktop (or yours if you're interested) because still images just suck. 😆

I'm normally not into social media but Mastodon caught my attention so I'll post some stuff I'm working on from time to time.

Be creative and stay safe. ^^


This is a scene I created using some freely available models to see what I can do with them. If things go as planned, this will become a playing piano with the keys moving in real time to your tunes on the desktop. ^^

Being new to Mastodon I thought I post some of the stuff I worked on in the past.

I'm a huge SciFi fan and got really hooked on the TV show "The Expanse" so I deceided to built an audio responsive live wallpaper for this epic show.

Assets appear random or depending on the kind of music you listen to while the wallpaper is running so the experience is always different on every start.

Here's a longer video where you can see it move. ^^

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