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The First Fleischer Superman

A great, in-depth article from Larry Larson on some the finest animated shorts ever committed to celluloid.


Hello Artist friends! I'm making a thread dedicated to artists just learning the ropes! Please respond below any links, books, online classes, YT channels, Patreons, or any other resources that has helped you over the years! Thank you!!


The latest Blender open movie project is finally done! Spring is here and it's epic. People loved it. Outstanding job ♥

Soon online. Stay tuned for the announcement very soon! #b3d #SpringOpenMovie

Kill La Kill is a personal favourite. Its one of those shows that you can always rewatch and find something new that you never noticed before.

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BlenderNation's bot shared How to Create 2D Animations in Blender 2.8

I am visiting NYC March 19 thru April 3. Just wondering who is out there that is a cartoonist or illustrator. Any events or venues you might suggest? I write and draw comics & graphic novels. My site is

And if you're looking for short films, then you're spoiled for choice. Here's a playlist of some of the best.

The Song of the Sea is by the same studio as the Secret of Kells and it's just as beautiful.

The Secret of Kells is the quintessential Irish film and it's animation is top notch too!

If you're looking for an Irish film to watch today, then you're in luck!

Some lessons from web 2.0 

The Troubled Birth of Roger Rabbit

This a great insight into the background of how the film managed to get off the ground.

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