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Moving a bookshelf and discovering. comics I don't even remember buying :blobcatsurprised:

Spidey-Verse, Disney pot shots 

Inquiry for advice: 

Choose your team!

When it comes to high definition 80's #anime, would you go for noise or noiseless image? :thinkhappy:

The Powerpuff Girls ReAnimate Project is finished! Go check out all the awesome artists and their work! (I'm at 7:24!) via

It's almost 2019, which will bring the first new batch of US public domain works in over 20 years:

This "public domain day" used to happen every year until 1998, when 20 years was added to copyright terms for no real reason other than that large companies like Disney wanted it.

Copyright currently lasts 95 years in most countries, but until the late 1970s it was 56 years, or even shorter if copyright wasn't actively renewed.

#PublicDomainDay #Copyright

I have watched 'Despicable Me' multiple times over the past few days.

I'll do a proper after Christmas with some art, but for now I'll just say a short hello.

I'm all about animation. I'm a big fan, and I also create shows, draw, do short animation and write for fun. I'm a storyboard artist for commercials, with my ultimate goal to board for animated series.

I'm here to make friends, talk animation, learn, teach, inspire, and be inspired. Excited to be here! 😆

My wife 3D-printed a Totoro to go in my toddler daughter's stocking, and I'm painting it.

Remember that Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episode where Homer goes 3D and we all went "Whoa, things have to change dramatically when you go from 2D to 3D or stuff ends up looking REALLY WEIRD?"


it's sad to think about all the bright-eyed young animators getting hired to their childhood dream studios and then having to rig some fart joke talking animal with shiny plastic doll eyes that's gonna have a three-years-stale pop song dance number at the end of the movie

Google asked a writer to make a presentation for their employees to then broadcast and monetize for free.

He would have been the only person in the room not being paid.

This is everywhere. People wanna consume writers’ work, but don’t wanna pay them enough to eat.

Hey friends! Here are some cool people to follow on this #FollowFriday #FF I can recommend each of these great people.

@charleskenny - Great writer about, and advocate for, animation

@Sori - friendly music maker and Linux/FOSS advocate

@eeldoodles - an enjoyable artist, and nice person

@noahbradley - Painter of fantasy landscapes; teacher of art. I've learned much from him.

@monarobot - a really unique artist!

@DaffyDaydreamer - such a sweet artist!

@eylul - FOSS advocate and artist!

We don’t do Elf on the Shelf anymore instead we do Dino on the Plateau.

Spider-Verse / Audience rant 

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