Quite amusing to read about that guy who has to watch Bambi every month he's in jail for poaching deer.

I wrote a post about what's coming up in 2019, including new books, Kickstarter, and more! Read it at - bakertoons.tumblr.com/post/181

Hello! This is one interesting user interface I must say 😅 Well, my name is Rosemary. I'm going to school for Computer Science but I do digital art in my free time! It's mainly fanart atm but I plan to create more original stuff as I learn more! O'd love to meet you, so feel free to hit me up!

Watched the first episode of Kill la Kill and it sucked me in again,

Hey mastoverse! A question for those of you who make a living off your art, what degrees/courses of study do you recommend?

A good friend of mine wants to go back to school for a second degree that's more financially sound then her current one (photography)

She's thinking of maybe graphic design and 3D animation.

I just barely scrape by money wise so I don't really know the best areas of study and was hoping someone here might have a suggestion for her.


#advice #careerpath #help

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@charleskenny Gonna take a guess: Probably both from Nutcracker Suite (because Christmas), and at least one was Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.

How'd I do? Do I get a prize? 😉

@PalmerAnimates Bingo! And a prize? Uh, my enduring respect and admiration? 🤩

i see this on facebook for some reason, then i recall the story of the movie and ---

>unless he learns to love another and earns their love in return by the time the last petal falls, he and his servants will lose their humanity forever

it's a countdown, not a symbol of "eternal love" ...

@ScribbleAddict Oh yes, it's definitely a masterpiece, but in different ways depending on who you ask. I tend to agree with historian Michael Barrier that it's more of a technical masterpiece than a cinematic one.

Second time in as many days that I've heard a movement featured in Disney's Fantasia on the radio.

I just found out City College of San Francisco has an "Anime & Manga Studies" course. One of my Japanese classmates showed me this test.

How many would you get right?

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