As I write this there are still 10 days left in the campaign for the new Fuzzy Princess book.

We have just surpassed the 50% threshold! Woo! Of course, there are still more to go.

The book collects the 2nd year of the Fuzzy Princess graphic novel, with some of my favorite story arcs, plus guest art/intro by Dana Simpson and new title pages for each chapter.

Still more to go, so let's collect another 50% before the campaign ends! Final day is March 5 at 7am Central.

Once more, we've been approved to accept students to work on #Inkscape through Google Summer of Code ( #GSOC ) 2020.

We are excited about offering students a chance to work with mentors on this open source project.


Head here for more details:

I miss special features on DVDs.

Show me deleted scenes!
Show me cast and crew interviews!
Show me bloopers!
Show me storyboards!
Show me "how to draw" featurettes!

I honestly learned so much about animation from DVD special features, but also I just enjoy them a whole lot?

What was the worst thing you witnessed at art school?

I'll start. It's a toss up between the SnapexHarry married with children storyboard, and the guy who did a presentation on how to draw breasts...with water balloons for reference.

#discussion #ArtistOnTwitter #artschool

My webcomic Black Dram updated!

And I've launched the preorder page for the Black Dram book! It's a classy 276-page hardcover containing the entire story. Preorder here:

Boosts appreciated!

#webcomics #horrorComics #creativeToots

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