Have decided to watch the Neon Genesis Evangelion series for the first time in a decade. Curious to see how it holds up, and whether I still prefer it over the Rebuild films.

LB: "Not only the so called “animation films” such as those from Pixar and Dreamworks..."

Finally someone willing to call the spade a spade.


'Promare', the new feature film from renowned studio , looks interesting to say the least!

And GKIDS just picked it up too!

I rarely go for the psychological thrillers but can 100% recommend 'Perfect Blue' by Satoshi Kon.

Shout! Factory were nice and sent a review copy of the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray and I'm very glad they did.

If like me, you have not seen it, then check it out because it is a must-have for any animation fan's collection.

Key Animation: Hakuyu Go (伍柏諭) Hisaya Kuwabara (桑原 寿弥) Satoshi Harayama (原山 智) Anime:: Flip Flappers (フリップフラッパーズ) (2016)


If you're a fan of Hayao Miyazaki, there's a new book out that explores his earlier, pre-Ghibli work.

The Early Work of Hayao Miyazaki - blog.animationstudies.org/?p=2

Watched the first episode of Kill la Kill and it sucked me in again,

The success of Your Name has apparently spurred a whole host of films centred around time travel...


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