The End of is much better (and more violent) than I remember, yet it's still a great animated and has so many great scenes such as this one.

Lol at Andy Serkis getting suitably roasted on Reddit for his comments about protecting the pay and credit of 'digital performers'.

His hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

Sad news:

Acclaimed animator who created Roger Rabbit dies aged 86

Richard Williams, who worked on hit films such as The Pink Panther, won three Oscars and three Baftas

LB: "Not only the so called “animation films” such as those from Pixar and Dreamworks..."

Finally someone willing to call the spade a spade.

Jeffrey Epstein Documents: 'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening Allegedly Received Foot Massage From 16-Year-Old Girl

Epstein's accuser claims that Groening received the massage while flying on Jeffrey Epstein's private plane.

Fox buys Bento Box (Bob's Burgers) and Viacom (Nickelodeon) buys Paws, Inc, the owner of Garfield.

What a day for and acquisitions!

On this day in 1940, the Looney Tunes short 'A Wild Hare' is released. Directed by Tex Avery, the cartoon introduces audiences to a new character who would go on to acquire the name Bugs Bunny.

Pondering “Pocahontas”

"I must admit that when Pocahontas was first released, I was very disappointed in the film for a variety of reasons but primarily because of some story related elements. I don’t think I have ever run into a Disney fan who claims it is his favorite Disney animated feature or even in the top five even though just about every Disney animated feature is someone’s sentimental favorite. "

"Adult animation is still a man's world. I get approached to pitch kids media all the time and someday I will! But right now my heart and mind and stories are for adults like me. My shows are bright and loud and make me laugh. They have songs, and tell stories I want to see. 🎶💕"

The Academy Award-nominated short film 'Negative Space' is now online for all to see!

Check out this awesome film by two very talented filmmakers and a fantastic crew.

'Promare', the new feature film from renowned studio , looks interesting to say the least!

And GKIDS just picked it up too!

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