(Environ)Mental Trauma and Recovery in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” 

"This is reinforced by creator Noelle Stevenson confirming Mara’s misleading characterization via Light Hope as a reference to women who preceded her in the animation industry and had their own, wrongly attributed, bad reputations"


Check out the work of some of the graduates from my alma mater, Ulster University!


Here's some news that's a bit surprising: the Pink Panther now has their own official colour.

Increasing the Voice of Minorities in Animation

How can the industry do more to increase the voice of minorities in animation and initiate changes now that will improve the situation over the long-term?

Neverland Tribe

Related to the last post, but on a different topic, Jim Korkis (very good) look at the technical effort behind the animtion of Native American characters in Peter Pan


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Come-hither lions and sleazy old owls: when Disney classics are difficult

Political incorrectness in old films is old hat in 2020, but even some of the studios more recent films seem to have an even shorter lifespan on the acceptability scale.


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Studio Ghibli Posters

Looking for a poster of a film but not sure what's out there? Here's a great and varied list!


(via @Peej)

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Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck kicked me into my cartoon future.

@FredSeibert discusses how a single book on animation past helped him propel the industry into the future.

Why Disney keeps remaking so many of its animated movies

The answer is very simple (💰) but why such films are being produced now is explored and what is coming next.


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Animation Articles May 18, 2020

Since I was unable to get the blog post out yesterday, I'm going to toot some of the features from the past week.

This will be a thread, to keep everyone's timelines clean

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