A casting call for the Irish dub of Adventure Time.

None of you will know, but the Irish language version of Spongebob Squarepants is cult favourite in .

Let's check out the new polls feature!

Which is funniest?

Just received a copy of Tito and the Bords from Shout! Factory. Can't wait to watch it but am too busy until next week to do so.

The website looks cool though: titoandthebirds.com/

The First Fleischer Superman

A great, in-depth article from Larry Larson on some the finest animated shorts ever committed to celluloid.

And if you're looking for short films, then you're spoiled for choice. Here's a playlist of some of the best.


The Song of the Sea is by the same studio as the Secret of Kells and it's just as beautiful.

The Secret of Kells is the quintessential Irish film and it's animation is top notch too!

The Troubled Birth of Roger Rabbit

This a great insight into the background of how the film managed to get off the ground.

I rarely go for the psychological thrillers but can 100% recommend 'Perfect Blue' by Satoshi Kon.

Shout! Factory were nice and sent a review copy of the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray and I'm very glad they did.

If like me, you have not seen it, then check it out because it is a must-have for any animation fan's collection.

I'd be decidedly curious to see what the output of is compared to the traditional channels.

Is it more? Is it less? Do they produce more in-house shows versus licensing shows?

Key Animation: Hakuyu Go (伍柏諭) Hisaya Kuwabara (桑原 寿弥) Satoshi Harayama (原山 智) Anime:: Flip Flappers (フリップフラッパーズ) (2016)


Just finished watching 'Liz and the Blue Bird' and its a great film.

Visually it's amazing and a sure sign that digital tools can make traditional animation really shine. Musically, you will need your ears tuned since its forms a major element of the plot.

Yet it's the story and the characters that stand out. This is not your average film, and takes its time exploring the incredibly complex entity that is a personal relationship between friends.

Highly recommended.

Here's a character model for the character Andrea from my current in-progress short film tentatively titled 'Mount Lowe'

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