'Promare', the new feature film from renowned studio , looks interesting to say the least!

And GKIDS just picked it up too!

Hmmm, no pictures yet of 'Kamp Koral'. The Spongebob spinoff will not only feature a younger iteration of the sponge, but will be 3-D CGI :blob_gnikniht:

If you haven't seen the greatest pilot never to become a series, you should check out 'The Modifyers'. It is astoundingly good and oozes Chris' astonishing sense of style


A casting call for the Irish dub of Adventure Time.

None of you will know, but the Irish language version of Spongebob Squarepants is cult favourite in .

Let's check out the new polls feature!

Which is funniest?

Just received a copy of Tito and the Bords from Shout! Factory. Can't wait to watch it but am too busy until next week to do so.

The website looks cool though: titoandthebirds.com/

The First Fleischer Superman

A great, in-depth article from Larry Larson on some the finest animated shorts ever committed to celluloid.

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