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The End of is much better (and more violent) than I remember, yet it's still a great animated and has so many great scenes such as this one.

Jeffrey Epstein Documents: 'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening Allegedly Received Foot Massage From 16-Year-Old Girl

Epstein's accuser claims that Groening received the massage while flying on Jeffrey Epstein's private plane.


On this day in 1940, the Looney Tunes short 'A Wild Hare' is released. Directed by Tex Avery, the cartoon introduces audiences to a new character who would go on to acquire the name Bugs Bunny.


Via Corey Barnes on Twitter:

'i made this GIF three years ago while learning toon boom harmony and i still like it'


'Promare', the new feature film from renowned studio , looks interesting to say the least!

And GKIDS just picked it up too!

Cam upon this illustration by Krisztianna again and its absolutely still a favourite because such practises continue to pervade the animation industry.

You have to see the whole thing to appreciate it :blobaww:

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