I came across 'Barbarous' by Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya at this weekend.

It's really good and as soon as I'd finished chapter 1, it was onto the website to read the rest!


Someone in Dublin is fan of The Boondocks and created this awesome mural.

If you aren't familiar with Animation Resources, now's your time to get acquainted with this fantastic resource!

Burt Reynolds may be gone, but one of his quirkier roles lives on.

The web really lost something when this animated logo vanished from our screens. It was a time when connecting to the internet was exciting, and the movement in the corner of the browser implied that cool things were happening and you were a part of it. Not any more though; the web became a commodity and a lot of special things were cast aside to make it so.

High Guardian Spice looks like an interesting series and not just because of what's on-screen.

Looks like the writer's room and crew are being assembled with more women than usual. I'm curious to see how the results turn out!

Currently watching InuYasha and you have to love Kagome's facial reactions when she gets mad.

The new profile pages (like this one from @Curator) look amazing!

Ireland's practically in a drought and I'm over here like ☔

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