My hunch says they produce less than the networks, but they license a lot more.

This is because they don't have a library of their own, however, I'd wager they are releasing a LOT more new content on a regular basis than the networks and that keeps viewers watching.

@charleskenny I actually don't think they produce *any* of their original animated series, I doubt that they have an in-house animation department. I know that a lot of the Dreamworks shows are made by either them or DHX Media, Disenchantment is produced by Matt Groening's ULULU and Rough Draft Studios Korea, Pinky Malinky is Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and I believe Bento Box and Titmouse have a hand in a few shows.

@David_A_Webcomic Yes, agreed. I phrased that poorly because I was referring to shows they commission directly from studios/producers instead of licensing them from third parties.

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