If I had one gripe about Japanese anime and manga in general its that they have no problem dragging stories out over as long as possible.

Perhaps it's my impatience though. :blobthinkingeyes:

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@charleskenny think that's mainly a problem with anime and manga that has an established franchise example(one piece,bleach,naruto) most anime have less filler nowadays

@Justaharpy Agreed. I'm deep into InuYasha and there are plenty of filler episodes that pad out the series

@brettleeper My issue is that the first few episodes suck me in and then I feel I'm committed 🤣

have you tried increasing the playback speed? *not a sterribly serious suggestion* although plenty of people seem to do that with audiobooks and podcasts. I am doing other tasks while i listen so that wouldn't work.

timefilling editing should be a punishable offense, particularly when they repeat footage.

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