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The good news is that the film was picked up by Netflix and will finally be released next year. Will it mark the next step towards greater and better LGBTQ representation in animated films? Many hope it will.


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For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's .

has had a bit of a troubled history but the future looks bright. Once in development at Blue Sky an originally scheduled for release this year, production was halted and then canned entirely when Disney purchased the studios parent, FOX. A particularly disheartening development because the film, based on ND Stevenson's comic, features prominant LGTQ themes and characters.


‘Lilo & Stitch’ Director Got ‘Frustrated’ by ‘Frozen’ Praise: We Did Sisterhood Over Romance First
First of all, Happy 20th anniversary to ! One of my fav movies, one of their best, and fo sho most creative. Also, backgrounds!!

But also, they absolutely did sisters first. But, Frozen had the white, princess sisters that sing earworms, sooooo..... Guess which one our society glomed onto. :blobawkward: :blobnotlike:


Imagine going from a design consultant at a major American university to a 'Digital artist and storyteller' for "NFT, Crypto, Web3, DAO" with an Etherium address to boot. :blobfearful:

Bonus points if you also legally change your name :yikes:

It irks me no end that have had multiple flops at this point but everyone seems to pretend that they haven't and are still untouchable, impeccable, and better than every other studio. Disney marketing at its finest.

Guillermo Del Toro ‘Pinocchio’ Footage Awes as Kid Cudi Boosts ‘Entergalactic’ at Annecy Netflix Showcase
Del Toro announces that is not a genre "Animation is film!". Starting off 's Annecy showcase.

Henry Selick shows , & says he only want to work in stop-mo. . . from . . 's visual album. And more.

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's .

Films have a LOT less LGBTQ characters for a number of reasons, so they tend to be rare.

ParaNorman was the first to feature an LGBTQ character AND make that clear in the film when Mitch refers to his boyfriend. It doesn't seem like much now, but considering the film came out in 2012, it was an important first that spawned more.


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Restoration done on a 35mm print acquired by Antonio Fiori (patreon.com/cartoon98100).

The final result was a team effort that involved @Quazza@twitter.com (from @KinekoVideo@twitter.com) who donated his time to consult, & John Ackerman (m/e track).

But I did most the work😜(patreon.com/naah)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Not_An_Ani_Hist/st

This isn't TOO surprising seeing as Miraculous was originally pitched as an series with Toei: youtube.com/watch?v=FlwV3scCgA

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Ah! Also, a preview of the illustration I made for that final fantasy zine, on sale at artist tables at TCAF this weekend

is now on Netflix. If you can, follow the staff for updates (seriously, this is very important for the show). And watch the show as soon as you can. Why infact, you can watch the first ep right here!

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