At least we now know where Seth Rogen's loyalties lie in the Disney Duck universe...

"No matter what, I will not misplace my heart."

-Petra Macneary

episode 3

8/10 this time for appropriate political satire!

Ada enjoying the meadows 💐
Also, thank you for 100+ follows! ❤️

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

New Animaniacs (2 episodes in)


-1 for smaller orchestra
-1 for being 'too' political
-1 for no 'good idea bad idea'


Join (Storyboard Artist, Rugrats) as she breaks down how to storyboard for animation and breaking into the industry LIVE on Twitch! 💥 This stream is also part of our featured programming for ✍️


TODAY (depending on your timezone) Is The Day!! At 11pm (Central Time Zone in the US), Hulu releases the return of the Animaniacs.

i think ATLA is a great example of good pacing for both character development and world building.

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Gorillaz animated movie in the works.
In a radio interview, the people behind the animated band revealed they are working on an abstract movie for Netflix. No, not the one from 2003. No not the series from 2017. And also, they have to finish another project first.

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