Kdenlive, KDE's advanced video editor, is nearing its great refactoring. To push things forward, the team met in Lyon and crushed bugs, tweaked usability and added demanded features. Read all about it at


Also... **KDENLIVE SPRINT - THE MOVIE** Check out the video with interviews of Kdenlive team members:


Cut and edited with Kdenlive, of course!

I made a zine!!

"To All the Art I Haven't Finished Yet," compiles all my WIPs into one place!! There are over 200 WIPs and almost 300 pages. :)

You can get it on Gumroad for just $1+ ! gum.co/wip-zine

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (Manley & Associates/Capstone Software, 1993) #DOSGaming

A casting call for the Irish dub of Adventure Time.

None of you will know, but the Irish language version of Spongebob Squarepants is cult favourite in .

(1/2) Made these for fun, I've put small LED tea lights inside, and quite enjoy seeing the artwork light up in the evening.

love these assholes and their shitty car

rest in peace, Kazuhiko Kato

There's a lot of focus on new animation technology, but I hear little of new animation genres :thinking:

The NCS is doing a Popeye art exhibit to celebrate the 90th anniversary and asked its members to contribute an art for it. Here's mine! The original art will also be auctioned off to raise money for the NCS Foundation.

Originally I planned on including Shorty from the Famous Studios cartoons, but I decided it'd be best to limit to the comic characters.

Aaand there goes another manga legend. Lupin III creator Monkey Punch has passed away.

His comics have issues for sure, but it's a testament to his talent that we're still watching his characters, who somehow seem just as fresh as they were in 1967.

Let's check out the new polls feature!

Which is funniest?

Sprite work
Working on another game that needs sprite animations. This isn't done yet, it's just what I got made today. #onesies #pixelart studio.tymoon.eu/view/1396

Making of Planet 51 (2010 - what if ET, but humans are the aliens).

I actually like the storyboard sketches a lot better than the final CG design :blobthinking:


Updated the instance which was less than pleasurable.

The biggest issue was the server was actually out of space, so I couldn't upgrade it. I also couldn't add more space, so instead it was transferred to a new server with more space.

In the coming weeks I'll have to move the database to a separate volume to permit future growth without this kind of issue occurring.

That said, right now it's Miller Time 🍻

Been working on this for most of the day - wanted to get a piece done for the next project that I could turn into banners, pages, ads, etc #mastoart #fourseasons #witches

I didn't bring enough paper with me. and I want a spray bottle for keeping the paper wet.

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