Augenblick Studios: 20 Years of Animation.

Brooklyn-based Augenblick Studios is celebrating their 20th anniversary in animation with a screening at the The Comics and Picture-story Symposium at Parsons. Free and open to the public.

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This happened before I left Washington, but it really happened and I still wonder why.

#comic #comicstrip #girlartist #jobsearch

some (very late) gift art of a friend's danganronpa OC! 🏐
#mastoart #OC #danganronpa #fanganronpa #drOC (idk the tags round these here parts)

Hi #PortfolioDay! I'm Mindy, a storyboard artist/revisionist for animation! I'm available for studio/freelance opportunities.


#storyboard #revisionist #animation

Hi! I'd like to share one of my favorite entries from last year's attempt at #inktober (albeit under my own terms, haha). Anyway, this is a redesign or alternative design for one of my longtime characters. #kariavalonart #MastoArt

I cannot say enough I am enjoying (2019). They have given me a cool version of Supergirl, all of the girls.. all of the characters have great personality. It has the Invinci-Bros📣 📣 📣, and SUPER PETS!! And in general super hero show.

Was 2 really snubbed for an or is the competition just that much better this year?

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