This I think makes the film much more enjoyable for children who rarely see it in film or TV.

I find it curious that Hayao Miyazaki creates films that take complex themes and breaks them down so children can enjoy. Goro on the other hand has taken simple themes and built them up for children to enjoy.

There are also a LOT of details that are crammed in that if you miss, are detrimental to the experience.

Going to continue to ruminate on this...


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I watched again and liked it much more the second time around.

Knowing the approach that Goro Miyazaki took definitely helped.

I also see where @Scofisticated has concerns about Earwig's development, but I actually think the film is a clever twist on the norm. In most films, it's the kids that change while the parents remain static. This film turns the tables and has the parents developing instead.


I see that Nickelodeon is more out of original ideas than we thought. :blobthinking:

Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum has a huge online collection of art that's in the public domain, that you can browse through and download high res versions of?

Here are some examples of the things you can find there!!?searchField=All&showOnly=openAccess&sortBy=Relevance&offset=0&pageSize=0

#MastoArt #ArtReference #CC0 #PublicDomain

I had to reset my computer and forgot my password to this account so I was absent for a while on here sorry!! Here's a lil animation I finished recently as a comeback apology haha #spoiledsocksart #animation #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Watched Earwig & The Witch and it's really good but far too short. It really needed another half hour to fully flesh out the characters. I was watching away at it and got ready for a full final act only to discover there was about 5 minutes left. A lot ever ended up coming together far too quick.

That feeling of regret when you notice you didn't fully finish your cup of tea.

For anyone who's interested, my wife @courtney , benevolent and beautiful, and also much more skilled than me at graphic design, made a new template that's much bigger. Updated for the times.

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