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i strongly believe in the separation of work and personal life and so should you

The Dangers of YouTube for Young Children

Good article that shows the development of web animation in ways that isn't usually covered in the press.

weebs are mainstream, fanbases are officially cancelled

Had a dream last night that the moon was being eclipsed by Mickey Mouse.

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

I think it was probably technically the first half of season 1, but anyway, the first nine episodes.

I think people who like Avatar: The Last Airbender are likely to be interested in this show.

Just realized I never said anything about The Dragon Prince when I watched it on Netflix:

I think it's got a lot of potential. Great characters, amazing settings and design. I hope pacing is better than the last couple episodes of S1 though. Recommended.

Strong Female Lead

Friendly reminder that a strong character doesn't always mean a character whose personal traits are that of strength and power. Often it simply means that the character is well written and drives the narrative in a meaningful way or reaches the audience in a profound manner.

Intro time! I’m Gary, an animator who has recently revived one of my Super 8 techniques in digital form. I like talking all things art and animation and happy to answer questions or share experiences. I also work in a coffee shop in order to interact with other humans. How do YOU break things up?

Here's hoping my blog post on Socel/Mastodon goes up later this week :blobthumbsup:

broke: fast and furious dumb dumb explosions

woke: fast and furious is one of the most important film series of our time, proving that diverse casts can rake in tons of cash and deserve to stand next to the usual white protag years before the force awakens was a glimmer in disney's eye

wokeafeller center: vin diesel was in the same movie as helen mirren and Charlize fucking Theron

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