I always smile to myself when I see the logo for this animation studio.

What color is the bag in the logo?

Aerial perspective is everything, so much depth just through subtle value and hue shifts. Tried to do the reference justice, learned a lot while working on this one. Painted in #Heavypaint.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #digitalpainting #digitalart #landscape

I've had this in my WIPs since July. Finally decided to try and finish it up. It's not perfect, but it's my first time managing to "finish" an animation, so I'm proud 😂
#Animation #MastoArt #OCs

Space Boy by @stephenmccranie@twitter.com
A lot has happened in the nearly 300 episodes of this series, but one thing remains solid: a theme of positivity and friendship being what makes life bearable even in bad circumstances. There are also print books of this one📚

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NY studio 'Ace & Son' have a new YouTube channel where they'll be posting weekly videos about in the public service mold.


And here's the announcement: aceandson.com/newblog/2021/4/2

Are you surprised that won the Best Animated Feature ?

My blog website is down due to a technical glitch at the host :(

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