Friendly note for creators.

What you can control:

1. What you practice
2. How much you practice
3. How you direct your energy
4. Your technique
5. Your expectations

What you can't control:

1. Results
2. Fame
3. Luck
4. Others
5. Ranking algorithms
6. Trends

Here's a character model for the character Andrea from my current in-progress short film tentatively titled 'Mount Lowe'

I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but I'm always open to take questions over on curious cat!

please watch The Dragon Prince
it's so good ;;💜

Two weeks into the submission process and we already have 12 contributors (myself included) for #TalesFromTheFediverse! Remember, if you make #comics or #writing, reply/DM me with your ideas by the end of the month (actual submissions are only due by April), and I’m more that 99% likely to accept it (as long as it meets the guidelines)!

And as always: boosts are appreciated!

any experience adapting any copyleft assets for commercial work? I'm just gonna have to find a resource about each license. eventually i'm probably gonna want to find a free Blender rigs for some projects. maybe the inbuilt tools aren't so bad? Rigging in LightWave was hideously arcane and hasscarred me for life, why i abandoned 3d in favor of 2d for senior thesis.

1 of 5 of the kids health PSA's I animated. When promoting seatbelts might as well depict the healthy electric vehicle, pedestrian, and bike friendly environment that goes with it. Goal is healthy happy children instead of beleaguered climate refugees after all.

I posted an older tutorial of mine about rendering, exporting, and importing panorama images in LightWave 3D and Photoshop. I don't particularly plan to return to LightWave but I am presently more familiar with it than Blender. I had projects that needed painted and animated 3d environments, hence this.

The artvsartist hashtag is off the charts with great stuff.

It's only fair we updated an old horse too, right?

Prompt: Reboot an old character into a modern style, Quick Draw McGraw.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #Art #Guephren #GuephrenArt #FanArt #Horse #QuickDrawMcGraw

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