✨ Sara, the OpenGameArt mascot, but in my style.

The references and my remake.
A derivation from an original design by Mandi Paugh.
#krita #mastoart #opengameart
(CW: eyecontact)

The first of six films I animated for the Scottish Illegal Money Lending Unit with Deadline Communications is live! The next episodes will be released daily throughout this week! Attached is some early concept art!


Hi! I'm a very occasional animator living in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I sometimes use DaVinci Resolve in my work life to edit live-action videos. Since I have it anyway, I'm currently using it to make simplistic animations. I might eventually switch to a more appropriate tool.

I'll probably post an animation here a couple of times per year.

Animators Say They’re “Clueless” and “Confused” About Cancellations
Inverse talks to show runners for and about their experience and views on their shows being pulled. Mentioning there was no communication from .

Mufasa's origin story, here it is, EVERYTHING you need to know:

Born the princely son of his father, Mufasa the lion became king upon the death of his father. He went on to sire a son, Simba. The End.

idk why but feels like a forgotten gem.
I love this show quite dearly. The show feels like it ended somewhat abruptly but at least we got quite a few of half eps to watch.
But yea, I drew this. :blobcatmorningcoffee:

Ireland's subsidies for have worked very well but such a helping hand can all too easily become a desperate crutch.

The whole point of them is to incentivise the development of domestic industry to a point where it doesn't need them.

With media production though, companies merely chase the best subsidy around the world. The notion that one location can cement its position is a fallacy. The infrastructure and talent are too mobile for that nowadays.

I follow the /Film RSS feed and I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that SEO is what's ruined their overall output.

'Homer Simpson's Famous D'oh Catchphrase Has A Surprising Unscripted Origin' is the kind of trivia you can easily find on IMDB or Wikipedia. Filtering through dozens of these to find an actual news or feature story is getting burdensome.

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