I can confidently confirm that the hype surrounding is absolutely real.

Watch it now!

Some crew takeaways from production:
- deadlines that can’t be pushed back are tough
- it doesn’t matter how cool the design is; designs must fit the characters/story
- remember how much of a team effort animation is; take care of your team
- importance of believable characters

On twitter, there was a thread on people's fav PBS animated shows. And I had to mention the always fun Martha Speaks.

I'm a sucker for any show with talking pets. And Martha Speaks had a fun tone, great wit, and was always a delight.

What was your fav PBS cartoon?

Disney's atlantis has a lot of problems but a movie near and dear to my heart from my childhood. Can't remember how many times I've watched it over and over on cassette.

Good video essay


#disney #atlantis #videoessay #animation

A short animatic (using my original story + characters, which I intend to flesh out more in the future)

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