Recent commission! I think my favorite part is they appear to have only ordered bread πŸ₯–

#duckverse #DisneyAfternoon

(I lied my favorite part is how pretty Tanya looks in her dress)
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Suggestive painting of catgirl playing with what looks like a sextoy - No real nudity though! 

Good morning!
I know everything's shit, but here's a catgirl playing with a large knobbly buttplug πŸ˜‚

#mastoart #nsfw #nsfwart #catgirl #catgirls #TraditionalArt

Just finished sketching this drawing, I forgot I had for a while, this morning.

I made on 29 July 2020, of my
I didn't know drawing animal based cartoon characters like Peg Pete and Gadget Hackwrench was considered furry, but apparently yes! LOL
So thought if I'm going to be a furry I'll do right, I felt I needed an original character that identifies me, but I think I feel more connected with marine animals than land ones. So this is why my fursona is an octopus girl. I feel my soul belongs to the ocean <3

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