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sorry if doublepost, my reblogs don't show up in local timeline, error or instance policy?
BlenderNation's bot shared How to Create 2D Animations in Blender 2.8

🚨 Do you use Krita? 🚨

Would you like to test out my first 100 Krita brush bundle?

Holler back if so!

Seems I fixed a yearlong problem with monitor output on my Ubuntu box, where max resolution output and aspect ratio varied between individual user login, Grub, and LUKS decryption sessions.
Wasn't loose graphics card or damaged OS, so I checked for dusty VGA cable and DVI adapter contacts, discovered that the VGA cable's design had one fewer pin. I replaced with full pin-count VGA cable, found different DVI adapter also with full pin count (probably not problem but just in case). Presto!

Is there a good website to upload a zip file to to share like one time? I used to use like media fire or mega upload. I dont want to start an account or anything

5 of 5 of the kid's public service announcement tv spots i animated. This one's to remind everybody to wash their hands. Get with it on hygeine, using a spray barrier like a handkerchief and sanitizing afterwards when you are sneezy, and washing up when leaving the bathroom! Speaking of bathrooms, there's some compost and grey-water opportunities on set.

4 of 5 of the kid's public service announcement tv spot series i animated. This one is to remind y'all to get a healthy meal in the morning. I wanted to broaden the usual breakfast menu to include options for everybody, and show how healthy nutrition for you can be part of a healthy community.

3 of 5 of the kid's public service announcement tv spots i animated. This one's to remind everybody to get an hour of physical activity every day. I figured the dog needed in on this activity as well, she was asking to go out when i got the voiceover script for this vid. Even in winter, in fact especially in winter! Keeps the immune system ticking and puts distance between you and your contagious fellows.

2 of 5 of the kid's public service announcement tv spots I animated. This one's to remind everybody to wear sunscreen when playing in the sun. Pass the zinc oxide around! I did also make certain to show some characters having a good time together sheltering OUT of the sun. Gotta keep each other safe from climate conditions.

We have a junior position open to work on 3D tools & asset optimization pipeline at @Sketchfab in Paris. If you are passionate about 3D and want to help shape the future of the 3D ecosystem, join us:

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Not to mention it would put sites like BlenderNation and Blender Artists in serious jeaopardy - I don't have the resources to implement upload filters.

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any experience adapting any copyleft assets for commercial work? I'm just gonna have to find a resource about each license. eventually i'm probably gonna want to find a free Blender rigs for some projects. maybe the inbuilt tools aren't so bad? Rigging in LightWave was hideously arcane and hasscarred me for life, why i abandoned 3d in favor of 2d for senior thesis.

1 of 5 of the kids health PSA's I animated. When promoting seatbelts might as well depict the healthy electric vehicle, pedestrian, and bike friendly environment that goes with it. Goal is healthy happy children instead of beleaguered climate refugees after all.

I posted an older tutorial of mine about rendering, exporting, and importing panorama images in LightWave 3D and Photoshop. I don't particularly plan to return to LightWave but I am presently more familiar with it than Blender. I had projects that needed painted and animated 3d environments, hence this.
I wrote an entry-level FFmpeg tutorial for Windows and Ubuntu. I needed to convert video to Quicktime .mov encoded with Apple ProRes 422 codec for a client's Adobe Premiere workflow. Without FFmpeg i couldn't encode it without Adobe Media Encoder specifically running on a Mac I don't own.
Requesting feedback including but not limited to whether it works, whether needs screenshots, place on useless-to-patronizing spectrum, adapting to Mac.

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