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@sven I've been wanting to learn Blender for a long time, I suppose I'm glad I am really getting started on the new UI. can't use my old computer hardware anymore, its OpenGL support is antiquated.

@sven the 2.8 UI requires me to do twice as much searching for a relevant tutorial for something I don't know how to do. Some tutorials assume you knew the old interface and essentially help you remap but not understand from scratch. I expect this to even out over time.

pretty sure after effects and lightwave both have tools to FIND THE KEYFRAMES

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@oidavid Interesting, like what's a workflow example look like? I suppose I'm always fishing for how something would apply to wordpress.

Also Blender, how on earth do I reorient the graph editor view? No seriously?? I scrolled off the map apparently and can't find the keys I am trying to learn how to interpolate just so. I can't seem to come up with a relevant combination of things to enter into the search engine to get what I am looking for. also, menu headers vary depending on which interface section I pulled up the identical toolbox in? Did I have these same problems learning After Effects 10 years ago?

Finally actually making a thing in blender. I hate learning new UI's, or perhaps more specifically I hate how hard it is to find decent descriptions of basic tasks. in this case it's the beta version of Blender 2.8 so within Blender it's new. reference material is scattered and the manuals aren't updated yet.

And I Must Scream

Kill La Kill has a Bayonetta-level stylistic extravagance, very fun.

It's now a project they intend to keep and not just a test program anymore. End-to-end encrypted, you can set time destruct and/or download count limits. 1 GB limit if no account login, 2.5 GB if using a firefox account.

sorry if doublepost, my reblogs don't show up in local timeline, error or instance policy?
BlenderNation's bot shared How to Create 2D Animations in Blender 2.8

movie idea 

sounds like a shitty salvia trip.

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