"I suffered so you should too", or: the Boomer Trolley Problem

Them: D&D will turn you into a satanist!

Me, a trans pagan who plays D&D: Lol, ok, boomer.

@neauoire is this a render from what software too? I've been looking at the lovely singlw pixel aliasing in the final product, speculating but the procedural options for getting straight slopes.

My desire for monolithic Piranese-esque architectural spaces is being stroked just wonderfully.

I am reaaally grooving on this person's website. Becoming an autonomous web and linux citizen has been a goal of mine and therecs a lot of info and experience on that encased here, but also the format is something I intend to study for my own use, just useful and beautiful.

I just saw on reddit that the opposite of “easy peasy lemon squeezy” is “stressed depressed lemon zest” and now I’m using that all the time.

(stolen from :birdsite:twitter.com/kieranmch/status/1 )

I'd still rather just be using bezier handles and editing keys, but this looks incredibly tolerable. blendernation.com/2019/10/07/g

Seeking advice on where to put my computer desk(s) relative to the east window in new office, considering 1: Brightness behind monitors contrasting with screen as it probably won't be against a wall so I can access both front and back of computer towers, 2: Glare on monitors, and 3: Screen privacy from window peepers and roommates, I'm wanting to mostly leave the window unblinded so I can leave plants at the window. and maybe the view will be nice.

I am still periodically motivated to say "Congratulations Shinji!" as a response to people and situations when there is a confused realization.

3 things that aren't in my profile.

1. Felt like a snitch posting pictures of people to Facepalm, so mostly took humanless photos, felt like a sociopath.

2. Took a single, bad photo at my sister's wedding thinking I'll get photos from Facepalm, you know the account I deleted, woops.

3. Sentimental Disney favorite is Rescuers Down Under, never saw the original.

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I tag noone on general avoidance of chain posts but thank you for the mention.

All media players without a "rewind 10-30 seconds" button are disappointing. I'm getting spoiled by podcasts, netflix, amazon, but it's just the most logical feature. Especially opposed to the process of stabbing my finger into a poorly webcoded video progress bar on a 2 hour vid and hoping I don't trigger options or jump half an hour instead.

ALL tutorials make me sleepy. Anyways, the Blender 2.8 Fundamentals youtube videos cover much concisely with important premises. I might *gasp* PAY for their Grease Pencil series afterwards, but first I'll reimplement my flat cartoon vector workflow from AfterEffects. Shape key tools for curves aren't a clear analogue re timeline, might be cramped, so I might often swap out fresh clones. Vitally, I must learn about changing/animating the origins of objects. Hope the series covers that!

@sven in your survey did you get much of a look at animatable Bezier curve based vector forms in the various softwares? That's what I'm used to in After Effects for paid work and I've been hoping I can transplant it. Clearly I should just spend more time in the software personally, but leads are welcome.

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