2d animation software. So I’ve been trying a few different ones out. , and grease pencil.

- Krita super simple bitmap based. Great brushes and simple.
- OpenToonz bitmap and vector but man is it confusing.
- Blender 2d vector and 3d environment. Tweens etc Compositor and stuff. Amazing start but steep curve.

Most of my testing has been with Krita and a mess about in blender.

Opentoonz next and finally found a workflow video youtu.be/3HkapTV5IWU


@sven in your survey did you get much of a look at animatable Bezier curve based vector forms in the various softwares? That's what I'm used to in After Effects for paid work and I've been hoping I can transplant it. Clearly I should just spend more time in the software personally, but leads are welcome.

@brettleeper I certainly did.

Krita is a no go for that. You can only animate bitmap/raster levels.

OpenToonz for sure can. This video(series) shows 2 things. Animating a Bezier (clone object to new frame and then change it) and watch it morph. Then Animating along a Bezier Curve the path and angle etc.

Blender appears to have similar tools re vectors(grease pencil) and path following.

Both OT + Blender have FX and compositing abilities.

@brettleeper OpenToons will also handle cutout style animations pretty well. You just ensure the Vector drawings are on separate levels and columns. can attach bones etc.

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