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What is the Fediverse 5-5-5 Challenge?

It's simple and you do it every day for five days (or over 7 days) and do three things every day.

1. Post five toots (new posts and/or replies)

2. Boost five toots

3. Follow five people

At the end, you will have a total of 50 toots in your profile and will follow 25 people.

More details are in the thread.

howdy! i’m Brandon, a general technical director with about a decade of experience making feature films at Walt Disney Animation Studios. looking forward to meeting some folks and talking shop!

Socel: Social for the Animation Arts

Socel is a place for animation professionals, freelancers, independents, students, and fans to connect and grow together. Everyone in related fields such as comics, illustration, and video games is also very welcome. As an implementation of Mastodon, Socel connects you to almost two million users around the globe as part of the Federation; a network of independent social spaces communicating with each other.