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Next week for :flagProgress: , the theme will be films, but after that, it's characters!

So if there's a character (or characters) that YOU like or think deserves to be included, reply and let me know!

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The good news is that the film was picked up by Netflix and will finally be released next year. Will it mark the next step towards greater and better LGBTQ representation in animated films? Many hope it will.


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For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's .

has had a bit of a troubled history but the future looks bright. Once in development at Blue Sky an originally scheduled for release this year, production was halted and then canned entirely when Disney purchased the studios parent, FOX. A particularly disheartening development because the film, based on ND Stevenson's comic, features prominant LGTQ themes and characters.


For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's .

It took almost ten years after yesterday's film, ParaNorman, but The Mitchells vs. The Machines was the first animated film to feature an LGBTQ character as the lead. What sets the film apart though, is that Katie's weirdness is sensitively shown as stemming from something other than her queerness; a realistic subversion of how such characters are normally portrayed.

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's .

Films have a LOT less LGBTQ characters for a number of reasons, so they tend to be rare.

ParaNorman was the first to feature an LGBTQ character AND make that clear in the film when Mitch refers to his boyfriend. It doesn't seem like much now, but considering the film came out in 2012, it was an important first that spawned more.

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and to round out the week, ASIFA-East is holding their annual screening of queer animation on Thursday June 23th 2022, 7-10 PM in New York City:

and a day late for the toot:

Round-Up Pride Post

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For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

Some honourable mentions to round out the week!

Adventure Time
Besides Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, BMO is a notable agender and aromantic character.

An example of progressive representation, numerous LGBTQ characters were added or revealed during the series' run.

Avatar: Legend of Korra
Many oblique references during the series but it set the stage for others like The Loud House.

In more recent years, LGBT themes in anime have become more realistic and reflective of LGBT people. One example is Wandering Sun, based on the manga by Takako Shimura, which was one of the first anime series to depict transgender people in a respectful and sensitive light.


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Nonetheless, some anime had scenes cut and dubs altered to remove any references to LGBT characters and relationships; including Sailor Moon's infamous 'cousins'. Other shows weren't so lucky and found themselves beyond licensing due to their themes. Ramna 1/2 was too hot to touch for any western market due to concerns over parental reaction to Ranma's gender-switching abilities.


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For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

As we get ready to move to films, it would be remiss to not mention .

Anime has a long history of featuring LGBT characters albeit in a particularly Japanese way that is not directly comparable to Western methods. The former reflects Japanese notions of gender and sexuality while the latter espouses a direct relationship between representation and societal progress.


Next week for :flagProgress: , the theme will be films, but after that, it's characters!

So if there's a character (or characters) that YOU like or think deserves to be included, reply and let me know!

Please boost for awareness :boost_ok:

SheZow is included because it demonstrated the continuing ignorance and adversity that LGBT people must face, even in instances where it is completely unwarranted.

If anything, it highlighted the social stigma that something as simple as clothing and appearance can burden someone with.

The show was not renewed for a second season for unrelated reasons due to the Hub's change in ownership. (2/2)

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For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

Amusingly, SheZow show is not explicitly LGBT-themed. However, the premise of a boy turning into a feminine superhero [unsurprisingly] generated a lot of controversy amongst certain groups who decried a nefarious, trans agenda on the part of the creator and network and brought out a host of well-trodden reasons why the show deserved to be banned (1/2)

@admin This vid goes over the episode, what it means, and the context and history surrounding it.

John Waters Meets the Simpsons on "Homer's Phobia"

Alot of the attitudes that Homer shows eccos some of the real life attitudes of the time. However, the new char and the other Simpsons show an attitude that was somewhat rare on TV shows then.

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

The Simpsons: Homer's Phobia

Not the show itself, but this particular episode which featured guest star John Waters. With the bulk of the humour being at Homer's expense, the episode was a rare instance at the time of LGBT characters NOT being the butt of jokes. It also satirized homophobia in a way that only The Simpsons could.

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

The inclusion of She-Ra should come as no surprise. Creator ND Stevenson achieved the impossible & brought a toyetic show from the 1980s into the modern day while being original AND retaining the positive essence of the original. The crew infused the show with LGBTQ themes & characters without using them as a crutch but not without overcoming some initial hesitation

@admin Theme song sung by Rupaul. I would not have guessed.

Mike Reiss talked about it for a bit in his book. It got some slack for some.. not helpful stereotypes of gays. And I can see that. Not the worse, but not great. Still some good jokes in there.

I did come across this great joke from the movie. Bless you, Mr LaMarche

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