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If there's a custom emoji you've seen somewhere else and would like added here, just let me know :ablobcheer:

You can also search for users by way of hashtags in the search bar.

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Looking for new accounts to follow?

Check out the Profile Directory!

You can filter by new arrivals, recently active, and between local and federated accounts too!

Welcome @laurent17, @cheesenation, @periclesianuch, @Sharkrok, and @olivia_croissant

Please check out this helpful post on getting comfortable on Socel:

Here's a great guide to being a successful artist on the fediverse:

Lastly, create an toot to let everyone know a little bit about yourself!

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Unlike other social networks, the admins will interact in a friendly way.

HI folks,

I may be a little slow responding to requests, account approvals, etc. for the next couple of days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Exciting news!

Socel is now listed on under the 'Art' category :ablobattention:

A few changes to be aware of now that the instance has been moved.

We are now hosted by @mastohost and as such, obey their terms of service which can be found here:

The server location has also moved from the USA to the EU (in France). This should not ever become an issue, but please be aware that French and EU law is not the same as American law.

All other aspects of the community will remain the same as before.

The move is almost complete.

Some media files may be absent for the next couple of hours as those files transfer over, but all access and feeds should be restored. Uploads should also work.

Please reach out if you have any issues at all.

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The move will commence shortly.

Again, there WILL be some downtime for potentially as long as an hour. If you cannot log in, please try again later.

An update will be posted once all is complete.

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This coming weekend the instance is scheduled to transfer to a new server.

This is being done primarily for cost reasons but should also put the long-term future of the community on a more stable footing.

There WILL be some downtime most likely on Saturday and potentially for periods of up to an hour.

You will be able to access the instance as usual once the move is complete.

Updates will be posted when they can.

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Added some new custom emojis!
:ablobattention: :aww: :pika: :kermit:

Some brief maintenance in the next few minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience and short notice.

Due to a proliferation of spam within the last 24 hours, Socel now requires approval for sign-ups.

This change does not affect existing users who are encouraged to use the invite feature available in their preferences if friends wish to sign up.

And we're back.

Sorry folks, the hard drive got full!

All sorted now.

Upgrades will begin shortly. Some downtime is possible but should be minimal. A follow-up will be posted when complete.

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Socel: Social for the Animation Arts

Socel is a place for animation professionals, freelancers, independents, students, and fans to connect and grow together. Everyone in related fields such as comics, illustration, and video games is also very welcome. As an implementation of Mastodon, Socel connects you to almost two million users around the globe as part of the Federation; a network of independent social spaces communicating with each other.