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You may have seen some talk regarding blocking recently so now is a good time to outlay the Socel policy.

Actions start with the user and escalate from there:

1. Always report problematic toots and accounts

2. If that fails or clearly won't work, the next action is to block that user.

3. If an instance collectively causes issues, Socel users can block the entire instance.

4. If an instance causes problems for enough Socel users, then the instance will be blocked at the admin level.

Updates beginning now. Will post when done :blobthumbsup:

Updates will take place later today. Some downtime is possible but should be minimal.

Updates complete!

We're now running v2.9.0 which includes some exciting new features!

Check them out here:

Updates beginning momentarily. Some downtime is possible but expected toe be minimal.

Updates will hopefully take place in approximately two hours from now.

An update will be sent out when complete :)

I am noticing that spammers are signing up and using existing roots from real users to evade detection.

Please report any accounts on this instance or others that enengage in spamming or feature spam links on their profile pages.

Socel appears to have been delisted from the directory of Mastodon.

Apparently a new covenant went into effect without any notification to me:

I am working to get us relisted so that we can continue to grow the community and maintain a place for animation and related arts within the fediverse.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Updates beginning momentarily. Again, some downtime is possible until they are complete.

Updates should take place later this evening (Saturday). As usual some downtime is possible but expected to be minimal.

An update will be posted when complete.

Upgrades will hopefully take place this coming weekend. As always, an announcement will be made before they commence :)

Finding people to follow on the fediverse (e.g. Mastodon/Pleroma) is simple! :blobcatmlem:

1. Start by checking the timeline for your local instance. See an interesting post? check the author's timeline. Are they or their posts interesting? Follow them.
🖥️ :blobcatcoffee:

2. Check their boosts and give their authors the same treatment. :blobcatfingerguns:

3. Rinse and repeat. 🔄 :blobcatreach:

Is your local instance too quiet? Try the federated timeline, but brace for noise!
🌐 :blobcatsurprised:

We're now running the latest Mastodon version 2.8!

Some cool new features include polls and hashtags in your profile.

Check out the full list here:

We're back!

Sweet holy Jebus I can sleep tonight!

The upgrade to 2.8 should take place later today.

Some downtime is possible but is expected to be minimal.

An update will be posted when complete.

Added some new emojis! :blobwizard:

Including the Creative Commons symbols: :cc_by: :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: :cc_sa: :cc_zero:

And perhaps a few silly ones too :tinking:

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Socel is a place for animation professionals, freelancers, independents, students, and fans to connect and grow together. Everyone in related fields such as comics, illustration, and video games is also very welcome. As an implementation of Mastodon, Socel connects you to almost two million users around the globe as part of the Federation; a network of independent social spaces communicating with each other.