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Do you miss your friends on other social networks?

Don't fret! Invite them to join!

Under settings is a tab that allows you to create invitation links that you can send to friends, compadres, associates, and contemporaries. The limit and expiration options are available so that the same invite doesn't get used more than intended.

Give it a try!

Lastly, please let me know if there are any issues or concerns :blobthumbsup:

Although we're still a small instance, please consider adding yourself to the directory so that both existing and new users can discover you via your interests

The update is complete!

Socel is now running Mastodon 2.7.

There are a lot of new features and changes that you can read about here:

The upgrade to 2.7 will hopefully take place tomorrow night (the 26th) sometime between 6 and 9pm EST.

Some downtime is probable but it should be brief.

An update will be sent out once complete.

Just a friendly reminder to please report spam if you see it anywhere in the fediverse.

Welcome new users!

Some handy tips!

Fill out your profile information and post an introductions toot so everyone can get to know you.

Check out the local and federated timelines for people to follow and interact with

Content is only searchable through hashtags so do a search for some of your favourite topics.

Lastly, let me know if you have any questions :blobthumbsup:

Did you know you can send non-Socel members an invitation to join?

Just go to settings and under the 'Invite People' tab, you can generate links that you can email or share with anyone you think would enjoy it here.

If you're having a positive experience, let others know about it!

And we're back!

That was a tad longer than expected but Socel now runs the latest Mastodon 2.6.5

Upgrade occurring in a few minutes.

There may be some brief downtime as it happens.

Welcome new members!

Please take a minute to:

1. fill out your profile details ✏️
2. Read the rules of the instance :blobthumbsup:
3. Check out the local and federated timelines :blobcool:
4. Post an introductions toot 👋

Lastly, feel free to ask questions; the community here and in the wider fediverse is very welcoming and helpful :blobcheer:

Upgrade complete!

Welcome to Mastodon 2.6.2!

Mostly minor fixes this time around, but you can see what changed here:

Please report any spam accounts or toots. There is an option to report an account in the menu for each individual toot. As a reminder, spam of any kind is not permitted on Socel.

New users!

Check out some helpful tips and info about Socel and Mastodon here:

All this is hopefully a once-off event due to unforeseen circumstances.


The old instance is still accessible but will not federate due to URLs pointing to different places now.

There is the option to download an archive of your toots in your profile as well as lists of followers and blocked accounts. Lists are transferable here, archives are unfortunately not.

Socel users are most welcome to set up a new account, or to request access to their old one by emailing the address in this user's profile.

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Socel is a place for animation professionals, freelancers, independents, students, and fans to connect and grow together. Everyone in related fields such as comics, illustration, and video games is also very welcome. As an implementation of Mastodon, Socel connects you to almost two million users around the globe as part of the Federation; a network of independent social spaces communicating with each other.