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To explain what's happened:

The original instance was hosted in a Docker container but was incorrectly installed in that container. This meant that while it ran OK, it eventually got to the point where it would no longer update properly.

Since running the latest software version is important for security reasons, the decision was made to create a new instance from scratch on a different server. [1/2]

We're mostly restarting from scratch I'm afraid. The old Socel is still accessible so data can be downloaded. Email the address in the bio for info.

Otherwise please set up a new account.


Socel is a place for animation professionals, freelancers, independents, students, and fans to connect and grow together. Everyone in related fields such as comics, illustration, and video games is also very welcome. As an implementation of Mastodon, Socel connects you to almost two million users around the globe as part of the Federation; a network of independent social spaces communicating with each other.