A casual observation as an admin allows me to see that experience's on the fediverse are HEAVILY dependent on what you put into it.

If you put nothing in, you will get nothing out. If you put even something in, you will get something out. If you put a lot in, you will get a lot out.

Encouraging engagement should be a priority of every

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

Amusingly, SheZow show is not explicitly LGBT-themed. However, the premise of a boy turning into a feminine superhero [unsurprisingly] generated a lot of controversy amongst certain groups who decried a nefarious, trans agenda on the part of the creator and network and brought out a host of well-trodden reasons why the show deserved to be banned (1/2)

For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

The Simpsons: Homer's Phobia

Not the show itself, but this particular episode which featured guest star John Waters. With the bulk of the humour being at Homer's expense, the episode was a rare instance at the time of LGBT characters NOT being the butt of jokes. It also satirized homophobia in a way that only The Simpsons could.


For we're celebrating :flagProgress: and this week, it's shows.

The inclusion of She-Ra should come as no surprise. Creator ND Stevenson achieved the impossible & brought a toyetic show from the 1980s into the modern day while being original AND retaining the positive essence of the original. The crew infused the show with LGBTQ themes & characters without using them as a crutch but not without overcoming some initial hesitation

For we're celebrating and this week, it's TV shows.

Created by Simpsons' showrunner Mike Reiss, Queer Duck was not the first gay cartoon character on TV by long shot. His show was, however, the first cartoon broadcast (in 2000) with explicit LGBT themes & lead character and later broadcast on Teletoon and Showtime.

Although not a giant, the show remains a milestone nonetheless.

2. For older users, the fediverse is very much old-school regarding discovery for both content and people.

Search your interests with hashtags and for fun, you can browse tags as a cascading board by clicking on the hashtag in a toot as the attachment shows.

Also be sure to tag toots using CamelCase. This helps those reliant on screen readers a lot.

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A neat feature of the latest Mastodon 3.2.0 release is the ability to add personal notes to profiles.

These can be used for any note such as personal details you'd like to remember, additional info that isn't in their profile, or any bit of text you like.

These notes are only visible to you.

Do you like what someone you follow says but not what they share?

There's an option to hide their boosts in the options menu!

You can also search for users by way of hashtags in the search bar.

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Looking for new accounts to follow?

Check out the Profile Directory!

You can filter by new arrivals, recently active, and between local and federated accounts too!

Do you miss your friends on other social networks?

Don't fret! Invite them to join!

Under settings is a tab that allows you to create invitation links that you can send to friends, compadres, associates, and contemporaries. The limit and expiration options are available so that the same invite doesn't get used more than intended.

Give it a try!

Did you know you can send non-Socel members an invitation to join?

Just go to settings and under the 'Invite People' tab, you can generate links that you can email or share with anyone you think would enjoy it here.

If you're having a positive experience, let others know about it!

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