A casual observation as an admin allows me to see that experience's on the fediverse are HEAVILY dependent on what you put into it.

If you put nothing in, you will get nothing out. If you put even something in, you will get something out. If you put a lot in, you will get a lot out.

Encouraging engagement should be a priority of every

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@admin it reminds me of the early web. I remember signing up to Friendster, Hi5, Myspace and not seeing the hype initially.
It wasn't until I sought out topics, friends, music, and hobbies that I began loving myspace (despite some of the downsides). I really miss profile customization, but I understand the problems with allowing stuff like that. :blobcatmorningcoffee:

@admin I wanted to add that the current system feels like it hand fists topics into your mouth and quite literally burying other stuff.
While it's still there I've felt like topics I enjoy haven't been represented in suggestions that well.
To some extent YouTube has improved a bit (showing stuff I'll like regardless of view counts or recent activity) but twitter and many other platforms have not. :thinking_dump:

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