Next week for :flagProgress: , the theme will be films, but after that, it's characters!

So if there's a character (or characters) that YOU like or think deserves to be included, reply and let me know!

Please boost for awareness :boost_ok:

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@admin Peridot! And Benson from Kipo. Oh and Marco/Princess Turdina?

@admin Tbh I'm not sure if Marco counts because canonically he's a heterosexual cis guy who just likes a lot of feminine things. Soo, idk, 🤷

@csepp @admin that cccooould be gender non-conforming. But I'm not sure. Which i think is queer, or at the very least queer adjacent.

@admin Utena and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Also Wakaba fron the same :Cobold_Gosh:

@admin So this is a hill I will eternally die on. But at a time where everyone was going on about the Korasami relationship, I feel like the -Marcy relationship in ~languished~ in obscurity. Not just in that their relationship had a journey, with real ups and downs. But it also took the tee-hee fan-joke that Velma is a lesbian, and turned it into a full, rich queer journey. Ceasing the joke forever, and treating that journey with respect and realism, imo.

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