For we're celebrating and this week, it's TV shows.

Created by Simpsons' showrunner Mike Reiss, Queer Duck was not the first gay cartoon character on TV by long shot. His show was, however, the first cartoon broadcast (in 2000) with explicit LGBT themes & lead character and later broadcast on Teletoon and Showtime.

Although not a giant, the show remains a milestone nonetheless.

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@admin Theme song sung by Rupaul. I would not have guessed.

Mike Reiss talked about it for a bit in his book. It got some slack for some.. not helpful stereotypes of gays. And I can see that. Not the worse, but not great. Still some good jokes in there.

I did come across this great joke from the movie. Bless you, Mr LaMarche

@Scofisticated It was also over 20 years ago; a time when Will & Grace was considered pushing the boundary just by being representative. Queer Duck has dated, but perhaps that's a good thing as it shows the progress that's been made.

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