What is the Fediverse 5-5-5 Challenge?

It's simple and you do it every day for five days (or over 7 days) and do three things every day.

1. Post five toots (new posts and/or replies)

2. Boost five toots

3. Follow five people

At the end, you will have a total of 50 toots in your profile and will follow 25 people.

More details are in the thread.

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Fediverse 5-5-5 Challenge

Step 1: post five toots

So many people post just one toot: an introductions one when they can post at least five on the first day alone. Keeping it up gets new users used to the idea of tooting about things and permitting replies means they can also engage in conversations with other users; thereby building connections!

Fediverse 5-5-5 Challenge

Step 2: Boost five toots

The fediverse does not push content on people and so it can be tough when you log into your account expecting new things to be there and find nothing.

Boosting five toots not only puts new things in your profile, it means other people have new things in their home feed too!

It also encourages the practice of boosting and spreading toots throughout the fediverse.

Fediverse 5-5-5 Challenge

Step 3: Follow five people

Going from an account that follows potentially hundreds of others to one that follows none is a drastic change!

By challenging you to follow five accounts every day, this step helps you build a network that provides a foundation to build upon. It also helps more people discover you and in turn, increases the possibility the people reply to and boost your toots too!

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