Quick test, tried photobashing and workflow optimizing on
Pretty fun.

Sumi brush of is one of the brushes that can use all 8k level pressure. Yup all those 2 sketches are just by ONE sumi brush and in ONE size. The brush size is actually from pressure level.
It's fun.

Sketch my friend OC, Kuro.

Not so quick skin-hair practice with 5.0 beta.
Idk may complete that smol stuntman animation, I'm lazy lel.

Clip Studio Paint watercolor brush has the strange stamping with weird-ish performance, while watercolor brush(es) of the other programs I use (Krita and Medibang) work nicely.
Will try new MyPaint brush engine on Krita 5.0 beta. Maybe a full fledge painting idk.

*sadge weak Krita text tool noises*

Had some movie study with the boiz.
All by Mamoru Oshii. Ghost in the Shell 1995, Ghost in the Shell Innocent 2009, and Angel's Egg 1985.

It's quite an experience of how the anime improved by the technology and how the anime HAVEN'T improve AT ALL by the technology.

Rando sketch. 4yaka the octopi android(?).
Sort of Ghost in the Shell-esque, it can slip or change the gender based on the shell config.
And yes it's "it".

Playing around with Krita new animation stuff. Pretty fun.
Keyframe a bit while in Ghost in the Shell (1995/2004) study session with the bois.
The brush engine is SO GOOD as the one who use all 8k.

May finish when Ganyu rerun banner is out I guess......
Made on Krita 4.4.3 (I think??), will make another one in Krita 5.0 beta for comparison.

As the one who would use all 8k level of pressure level, I'm extremely happy with MyPaint brush engine.


The HiDPS UI scaling is acting kinda weird.

In testing Krita 5.0 beta with AMD Zen2 CPU. Still in love with their brush engine, better than CSP at least with AMD one.

This will be fun.

PS brush engine? Forgetaboutit.

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