So I'm back on the virtual pet game project. I really wanna make this game happen.
Here is a virtual griffin pet for the game prototype. Still on the fence about making them in Spine.

So I'm doing the whole SheezyArt Secret Santa and was given this character to draw. As if I wasn't gonna do it in Spine2D.

More animated characters in Spine2D. I'm loving the program but I'm quite inexperienced at rigging still. I wanted the stick to stay on the ground but I couldn't figure out how to rig it right. Some people on Twitter had some advice, so hopefully on the next one I can do better.

Here's another rigged illustration I did! This time of my big, grey griffin.

So I have a couple of artworks I wanna share today, the first one is this Tree of Life. I had a dream that I drew this, so I drew it in real life!
From 2012.

I have this sparkle tiger and I always wanted to animate her. I don't know why I keep animating tigers, the stripes kill me.

I am doing the pokemonathon where you draw every pokemon in order and I'm not gonna lie I'm not the biggest fan of this line but I gotta trudge through.

Hi hi. Still getting my head around this Mastodon thing. I'm Atticus and I'm a 2D artist and animator from Brisbane, Aus. I've worked in games basically my whole life, but today, I decided to quit and pursue other fields.

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