It's my birthday, so I figured I'd share the most popular thing I ever made. Going all the way back to 2008, it's the Justice League of Anime!
I still see people discussing this artwork and my selection of characters to this day. For me, it was obvious to keep it classic!

Great to see people sharing who their favorite Ninja Turtle is yesterday. I think there are no wrong answers, but it is a choice that reveals one's character!
As for me, I prefer to say that the team of 4 is greater than any one Turtle, so i don't really have a favorite. But if pressed, I pick Raphael.
Drawing a Ninja Turtle is something I often do if I don't know what else to draw, and usually it winds up being Raph. He's the default Turtle. Here's a few pieces.

Today is apparently. First I've heard of it but I came prepared.

Some Bumblebee artwork I've done over the years.


Happy Friday!
What is your favorite Jason movie?
I like part 7, the one with the girl with psychic powers. But the beginning to part 6, when Jason gets resurrected, is awesome.
I never liked horror movies when I was a kid. But now I see the movies as a time capsule of their era.
Here's some of Jason inspired by the NES game!

Remember the challenge? So much nostalgia for... however long ago that was. Feels like it was just last month while simultaneously feeling like a thousand years ago.
Here's what I did for it.

I love and all the characters. Those games are one of the foremost creative influences of my life.
When I was a kid, I would get in trouble from teachers because I only wanted to draw Mario and Luigi instead of listening to whatever nonsense was going on at the time. Well, I'm still drawing them!

What is everyone's favorite Godzilla movie?
I've seen them all and I think I'd have to go with.... all of them! Except for the American one from 1998, of course. We don't talk about 1998!
Here's some art Big G and his friends. I made it in 2020.

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